Tranquil Play Spinner Ring

“Tranquil Play Spinner Ring," a captivating accessory that combines style with mindfulness. This ring is thoughtfully designed to offer a soothing and engaging experience through its spinning feature.
Embrace the serenity and mindfulness that comes with this ring, as the spinning band provides a playful element for your fingers to explore. Its smooth rotation and tactile appeal offer a calming sensation, perfect for those seeking a moment of tranquility amidst the busyness of everyday life.
The "Tranquil Play Spinner Ring" is a reminder to prioritize self-care and to find joy in the simple pleasures. Its minimalist design, free from excessive detail, allows you to focus on the meditative act of spinning, fostering a sense of relaxation and mindfulness.
Wear this captivating ring as a stylish symbol of self-care, reminding yourself to pause, breathe, and find tranquility in the present moment.

Material  Sterling Silver
Size Ring Sizes J, L, N, P, T 
Stones N/A
Packaging Tissue wrapped and placed in Clover and Swift cotton bag. All of our packaging is plastic free
Delivery Free standard uk delivery 
  • £35.00